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Complete Mediation was formed out of a desire to offer a cost effective alternative to the normal legal process.

The service will be operated alongside Complete Counsel which offers practice management in a rapidly changing market for legal services.

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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution which achieves settlement in about 90% of cases. The North West seems to be lagging behind its Southern Counterparts in the adoption of Mediation. Our research has found that Lawyers in the Northwest simply do not use or offer mediation. Some have admitted to being a little scared of the process as they are not used to it.

If you or your clients are hearing any of the following statements then Mediation should seriously be considered as a cost effective way of resolving the dispute:

  • I would prefer to reach an agreement rather than litigate
  • I may want to continue in business in the future with the other party
  • Confidentiality is important
  • I am concerned about costs rising
  • I want an end to this situation as soon as possible

We would be delighted to come and talk to your teams at no cost to talk about the advantages of Mediation. Please contact support@completemediation.co.uk

Why Choose Mediation?

A big advantage of Mediation is the fact that the matter is kept confidential between parties and the outside world.  Our experienced Mediators ensure that you will get the best possible help in resolving your dispute.

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Is Mediation relevant to your dispute?

If you or your clients agree with any of the following statements, your situation will be suitable for mediation:

  • I would prefer to reach an agreement rather than litigate
  • I may want to continue in business in the future with the other party.
  • Confidentiality is important.
  • I am concerned about costs rising.
  • I want an end to this situation as soon as possible.
  • I would prefer an informal process

Is Mediation successful?

Statistics show that the normal settlement rate is between 80% and 90%. There is also a chance that after mediation matters settle on the basis of the discussions.

What are the advantages of Mediation?

  • The process of mediation can be very quick as it can be organised and settled within a week.
  • All discussions are without prejudice and are confidential.
  • The parties have control of the process.
  • A mediator will try to work with the parties to maintain future relationships and aim to have a settlement that will be acceptable to both parties.
  • The cost of a mediation is cheap when compared continuing with the full legal process.
  • Mediations are conducted in a calm environment which is very conducive to a satisfactory settlement.
  • The parties have an opportunity to understand each other’s motivation, concerns and ability to reach a settlement

How do we make the process easy for you?


Complete Mediation liaise between the parties to fix a suitable date and assist with venue arrangements.


Draw up the Agreement to Mediate and Confidentiality Agreements for you to sign


Agree fees with the Parties


Documents can be sent password protected or through secure email to meet any HSCIC requirements

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